It is understandable that the process of child adoption is carefully regulated by statute. Laws that govern this procedure cover many areas, all of which are designed to preclude problematic issues that could possible disrupt the loving relationship between the adoptive parent and the adopted child. Fortunately, there is much sensitivity devoted to the development of these statutes - yet they are intensely complex.

As an adoptive parent, adoption law is one of the areas of his practice that is close to John Kummer’s heart.  In his thirty-eight plus years of practice he has handled hundreds of adoptions, including private placement adoptions, agency adoptions, foreign adoptions, step-parent adoptions, foster parent adoptions and adoptions for same sex couples.  He is also experienced in legal agrements regarding surrogates and embryo donations.  In addition, he has lectured on several occasions to the Kentucky Bar Association, the Northern Kentucky Bar Association and private groups in the area of adoption law.

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