Gay and Lesbian Rights

The firm of Kummer, Ditls & Collins is sensitive to the unique legal needs of the gay and lesbian community.  Although changes in the law are anticipated in the near future the laws currently in effect in most states in the United States prohibit “same sex” marriages and/or “civil unions”, the firm has worked to develop a package of legal documents designed to protect the rights of committed life partners.  These agreements allow life partners  to express and document their commitment to each other, to undertake certain mutual responsibilities usually existing between spouses,  and to afford each other as much protection as may be provided by law in the absence of marriage and/or civil union.

Currently Kentucky adoption law does not allow an opportunity for both partners in a gay or lesbian couple to adopt.  The courts will allow one of the partners to adopt.  Following the adoption by one partner, additional legal proceedings can be undertaken to give the other partner joint custody of the child.  If anticipated changes in the law occur, same sex couples will both be allowed to adopt in Kentucky.  Also, if one partner has previously adopted a child, a process similar to a "step parent" adoption can be initiated to allow for the child to be legally considered the natural child of both partners.  Because of his years of experience in the area of adoption law John Kummer has the knowledge and has developed lines of communication to assist in the process.



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